Breakthrough Silicone Egg Cooker

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    ✔️ Easy Boiled Eggs
    ✔️ No Hassle - No Mess
    ✔️ Easy Mini Omelets
    ✔️ Includes 6 Egg Makers
    ✔️ Non-Stick silicone
    ✔️ Fast & Effective
    ✔️ Safe & Easy to Clean
    ✔️ Resistant to High Temperature
    ✔️ Don't waste eggs anymore
    ✔️ BPA Free

    Store it For Later

    Healthy & Safe & Durable

    • The egg cooekr fully made of high quality PP and silicone which is odor and stain resistant.
    • Hard lid with screw, not easy to fall off.
    • Make your favorite delicious egg dishes quickly. 

    Perfect holder

    • Perfect holder for sorting small items, for food storage or serving dips and sauce.
    • Fun for a birthday or holiday party, Christmas Day,baby shower, picnic, wedding or egg creations;