Unique Lemon Lime Spray

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    Say Goodbye to
    Antibiotics & Preservatives

    Just Spray Vitamin-C
    Easily and Effortlessly


      ✔️ Full of vitamin C
      ✔️ Easy to Use
      ✔️ Stays Fresh Within the Natural Cocoon
      ✔️ Full Extortion 100%
      ✔️ Natural & Organic
      ✔️ Prevents common Heart-Disease
      ✔️ Makes every meal tasty and nutritious
      ✔️ Anti-aging! prevents wrinkled skin
      ✔️ Sleek design & practical 
      ✔️ Exactly the required measure
      Doctors recommend consuming
      20-50 ml of lemon a day!

      Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps:

      ✔️ The body Produce Antibodies
      ✔️ Improves the Immune System
      ✔️ Protects Heart & Eyes
      ✔️ Prevents Skin-Cataracts
      ✔️ Builds Connective Tissue
      ✔️ Deflates Wounds
      ✔️ Keep Natural healthy skin
      ✔️ Prevents Perfectly Smoking Damage 
      ✔️ Prevents Compounds that may develop
      Cancerous Cells

        The amount of vitamin C
        does not accumulate
        but goes down and down

        important to consume vitamin C
        on a regular daily basis
        Simple to use
        simply cut the top and insert it
        directly into the fruit.
        Great for BBQ 

        Keep your Family's Meal
        Healthy & Tasty